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3 Benefits Of Doggy Daycare

You’re probably hearing more and more about doggy daycare. It seems that every city seems to have at least two or three options available, either...

Brushing Your Dog

(Picture Credit: Getty Images) Although dogs do a lot to keep their coats neat and clean, they need your help with tasks that require opposable...

Is My Dog Bored?

Question: How do I know if my dog is bored? Answer: A good indication your dog is bored is that you don’t come back to...

5 Signs Your Dog Is Lonely

Dogs are highly social pack animals who generally would rather not spend much time alone. Unfortunately, many of us have to leave home for much...

Treating Internal Parasites

Checking your dog regularly for intestinal parasites is one of the less enticing aspects of dog ownership, but a very necessary one to be sure....

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